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Nusa Penida is a small island paradise off the eastern coast of Bali. It offers incredible white sand beaches and jaw-dropping views from cliffs high above the crashing sea. Penida island is just 30 minutes from Bali by boat. You can find lodging on the island or take an easy boat from Nusa Lembongan to explore the island for the day! In this guide, you’ll find some insight into our day trip to Nusa Penida!

It is easy to get to by using the small local ferry boats from Nusa Lembongan at the entrance to Yellow Bridge. It’s 100K IDR/$7 USD for a round trip ticket and takes about 25-30 minutes. Once you arrive on Penida, you will have to negotiate with a local driver to explore the island. There was four of us and we ended up paying 500K IDR/$35 USD for the SUV driver for the day. The trip we did is the most popular and included the insta-famous Kelingking Beach, Angel Billabong, Broken Beach and Crystal Bay. 

The first stop will most likely be Kelingking BeachThe newly constructed roads now make it much easier to get to by car or motorbike. The views of this massive rock formation are absolutely breathtaking and the hike to the gorgeous beach below is incredibly difficult. Do not underestimate the hike down (and up) as it is a very steep rocky cliff path for a significant portion of it. Take your time and be sure to bring plenty of water!  The hike down to this beach might make it the most difficult beach to reach in Bali. Swimming at the beach isn’t very safe even for strong swimmers due to the extremely strong current, so please exercise caution.

The next stop will be Angels Billabong and Broken Beach. These attractions are right next to each other and much easier to visit! Angels Billabong is a natural infinity pool, but be careful at the edge as strong waves come crashing in depending on the tide. Keep an eye out for dolphins in the ocean while hanging out here as we saw a bunch!

Next is Broken Beach which is a five minute walk from Angels Billabong and an incredibly unique little cove/rock formation. The reason it is called Broken Beach is due to the archway that wraps around the bay allowing water to flow in and out from the ocean. The arch at Broken Beach has been formed over many, many years and is now a true spectacle. With a view from above the cove appears almost circular and closed in, however, at eye level the arch is quite high. 

For the rest of the afternoon grab a snorkel or coconut and relax at Crystal Bay. It’s recommended to wear shoes in the water at Crystal Bay since the rocks and corals are very sharp. The snorkeling here is pretty good based on the marine life and corals you are able to see. While this area is perfect for an amazing sunset, the last public ferry boat to get back to Lembongan is at either 4:30-5:00pm. This is a great option for sunset if you are staying on Penida though!

Atuh Beach option – While we haven’t visited this yet, Atuh Beach is a white-sand beach that is great for swimming and relaxing. This is in the opposite direction and so it is a separate trip from the above. However, the view on top of the cliff overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, Diamond Beach. Diamond beach, however, is not recommended for swimming as there is a very strong current with a sharp rocky coral seafloor.

That’s our guide to Nusa Penida but like always, all opinions are entirely our own.

Above all, enjoy the Indonesia!

Disclaimer: We have no financial incentive to promote lodging or any other services. This recommendation comes solely from personal experience.


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