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Boracay is known for its beautiful white-sand beach and also famous for kite surfing, it’s a perfect place to spend your days relaxing on the beach or various water activities. In the past this small but lively island has had a reputation for being a “party-island” but this is far from the case now. In April 2018, Boracay was closed for six months as part of the Filipino government efforts to rehabilitate Boracay’s environment and sure local businesses where abiding by environment laws. After it’s reopening, the beaches are cleaner, more peaceful and businesses are focused on environmental sustainability – all things we’re huge fans of!

Boracay is easy to get to via plane. You’ll fly into either Caticlan or Kalibo airport. From Caticlan, you will have to take a bus to the ferry terminal (10 minutes), ferry (10 minutes) to Boracay Island and then a van to your accommodation (10-15 minutes). We arrived at Caticlan as its closer than Kalibo and paid 700 PHP/ $14 USD. There is a row of desks where you can book your transfer. When you arrive at the ferry terminal, you will have to show your booking confirmation to prove that you already have a play to stay.  There is also a $400 PHP/$8 USD transfer service which includes a non AC van which we took from Boracay back to the airport and you can book it on the main road or your accommodation can also help. Once in Boracay, you can easily walk around to the main street, hire a tricycle, or rent a motorbike, if needed. In this guide to Boracay, you’ll find some insight into our lodging, where to eat, and things to do in the area!

During our time in Boracay, we stayed at Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds and we highly recommend it. Located in Station 2, Agos is close to the world famous White Beach and Bulabog Beach (where you can spot kite-surfers) as well as restaurants and bars. All the staff at Agos was super friendly and accommodating. They helped us with any questions or requests we had. This Filipino family-run guesthouse has spacious rooms with both modern and Filipino touches. Breakfast is free and served at the restaurant next door when you book directly at their website. There are plenty of delicious options to choose from. You can also book wonderful spa services with the front desk in the comfort of your own room. Guests can watch sunset from the rooftop or start your morning with incredible ocean views. With an excellent location, spacious and functional rooms, incredibly friendly staff and delicious meals, Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds is the perfect budget option during your time in Boracay.

To check out the latest pricing or to book your stay at Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds, please click here. They also offer long term stays such as monthly. Guests just have to email directly at (Make sure to mention Michelle and Dan from Jetset from Good sent you!)

Here are some things to do during your time in Boracay:

Island hopping tour or water sports – There are plenty of water sport and island hopping tour options available. From scuba diving to paddle boarding, you can partake in so many various activities. There are plenty of vendors that you can negotiate with depending on what you’re looking to do.

White Beach – This is one of the prettiest beaches we’ve seen in the Philippines. The palm trees are lined up just right and there is plenty of space to stay away from the crowds. It does get busy but walk closer to Station 1 and you can get away from crowds. If you walk all the way to Station 1, you can check out a rock formation right off the beach. The locals have put a statue of Mother Mary. If you’re Catholic, there is a set of steps where you can climb up and say a prayer.

Pool Day – Located in the center of Station X, you can spend the day by a pool. Daybeds for 2 people are 1,200 PHP with 1,000 PHP worth of food and drinks. It’s a nice place to spend the day if you’re looking for a relaxing pool day.

Sunset – Sunsets in Boracay are amazing. The beach gets busy as everyone is trying to see the spectacular views. Epic is a good spot to watch sunset but you’ll have to get there early as it gets really busy by 5pm. We actually really enjoyed the views further from the crowds at Hey Jude South.

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If you’re traveling anywhere in Asia, TripAdvisor is without a doubt the best place to check out restaurant reviews. Dan’s TripAdvisor page has a more robust amount of reviews and pictures of our meals.

Nonie’s – Locally sourced, made from scratch and so delicious, this restaurant is a must visit while you’re in Boracay. The restaurant is so darn cute, the staff is so friendly and everything on the menu is incredible.

Kuya J – If you’re looking for some delicious Filipino dishes, head to this restaurant located in the lobby of Azalea Hotel. They serve traditional dishes and they make sure to do it right!

SupermagicLocated right next to Nonie’s in Station X, this is the spot to get some yummy burgers and ice cream!

Cha-Cha’s – Located right on the beach, this bar and restaurant gets lively at night with a live band and salsa dancing. The food and drinks are good. Its a great spot to watch sunset as well.  

Hey Jude South Beach Bar — A good bar that’s away from the crowds. Happy hour is just right and the vibes are everything you’re looking for a chill evening out. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know of any volunteer opportunities in the Boracay area. If you do, we would love to feature it on our page. Reach out to us via email at or DM us on Instagram (@jetsetforgood). 

That’s our guide to Boracay but like always, all opinions are entirely our own.

Above all, enjoy the Philippines!

Disclaimer: We have no financial incentive to promote lodging or any other services. This recommendation comes solely from personal experience.


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